Speech from the prime minister of Israel….. Benjamin Netanyahu, with all Glory to God.

Mr. Nethanyahu said:

Only 70 years ago! The Jews were taken to the slaughter like sheep. 

60 years ago! We had no country. No Army.

Seven Arab countries declared war on our small Jewish state, just a few hours after its creation!

We were only 650 Jews, against the rest of the Arab world! NO IDF (Israel Defense Army).

No powerful Air Force, only brave people with nowhere to go.

Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Egypt, Libya, Saudi Arabia all attacked us at the same time.

The country that the United Nations gave us was 65 % desert. The country was out of nowhere!

35 years ago! We fought the three most powerful armies in the middle east, and we swept them… yes… in six days.

We fought against various coalitions of Arab countries, which had the modern armies and many Soviet weapons, and we had always beaten them!

Today we have:

*A country*

*An army*

*A powerful air force*

*A State-of-the-Art economy which exports millions of dollars*

*Intel – Microsoft – IBM develops products at home*

*Our doctors receive awards for medical research*

We make the desert bloom, and sell oranges, flowers and vegetables all over the world.

Israel has sent its own satellites into space!

Three satellites at the same time!
We are proud to be at the same rank as: 

The United States, which has 250 million inhabitants,

Russia, which has 200 million inhabitants,

China, which has 1.3 billion inhabitants,

Europe – France, Great Britain, Germany – with 350 million inhabitants..

The only countries in the world to send objects into space! Israel is now part of the family of the nuclear powers, with the United States, Russia, China, India, France, and Great Britain.

We have never officially admitted it, (but everyone knows it) and say that only 60 years ago, we were led, ashamed and hopeless, to slaughter!

We have extirpés the smoking ruins of Europe, we have won our wars here with less than nothing. We built our little “Empire” from nothing.

Who’s Hamas to scare me? To terrify me? You make me laugh! 

Passover was celebrated; Let’s not forget what this is about.

>We survived Pharaoh.

>We survived the Greeks.

>We survived the Romans.

>We survived the inquisition in Spain.

>We have the pogroms in Russia.

>We survived Hitler.

>We survived the Germans.

>We survived the Holocaust.

>We survived the armies of seven Arab countries.

>We survived Saddam.

>We will continue to survive the enemies present today too.

Think of any time in human history! Think about it, for us, the Jewish people, the situation has never been better! Then let’s face the world.

Let us remember: All nations or cultures who once tried to destroy us, no longer exist today – while we still live!


The Greeks?

Alexander of Macedonia?

The Romans? (does anyone still speak Latin these days? )

The Third Reich?

And look at us,

>The Bible Nation.

>The slaves of Egypt.

>We are still here.

And we speak the same language! then, and now! Arabs don’t know yet, but they will learn that there is a God ….as long as we keep our identity, we are forever.

So forgive us for not worrying.

>Not to cry.

>Not to be afraid.

>Things are fine here.

>They could certainly get better.

However: Don’t believe the media, they don’t tell you  that parties continue to take place, people continue to live, people keep coming out, people continue to see friends.

Yes, our morale is low. So what? Only because we mourn our deaths, while others rejoice in the blood shed. That is why we will win, in the end.

He never sleeps or will ever sleep…. the guardian of Israel…. Yahweh God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

Forward this speech to the whole community, and to people around the world. They are part of our strength.

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Please I Need Your Help.

My kerosene business collapsed after I was rubbed​ three (3) times with in two months since 2015 and since then I can’t be able to take care of my parents and other things, so please help me out.. God bless you all..

I have no one to help me but I depend on Almighty Living God and I also hope you all, God bless you all Amen… 
Here is also a video to confirm it..

Innoson releases locally-made luxury IVM G80 and G40 SUV (Photos)

Innoson Motors limited has successfully manufactured luxury vehicles which are set to high the local market en masse.

   One of the newly constructed vehicles.

The long awaited luxurious Innoson IVM G80 and G40 have been released by Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing Co Ltd, Nigeria’s first indigenous Vehicle Manufacturing Company.

It should be recalled that last year, the Chairman of Innoson Vehicles, Chief Dr Innocent Chukwuma OFR promised Nigerians that he would manufacture a Made in Nigeria luxurious SUV that will be added to its range of vehicles to accommodate the high cadre of Nigerians who wish to drive a Made-in-Nigeria vehicle.

The date for the official vehicle launch will be announced soon.

Also released is G20, a 7 seater sedan and INNOSON IVM GRANITE (5 SEATER DOUBLE CABIN PICK-UP) 2018 MODEL. The IVM Granite comes in 3 variance which includes; 2WD, 2.7 Petrol; 4WD 2.7 Petrol; 4WD 2.4 Diesel.

See more photos:

Paul Okoye on Psquare feud: I regret it…Please forgive me

Paul Okoye, one half of the defunct Psquare duo, has said he regrets his role in the rift that engulfed his family in recent weeks.

The separation of the brothers who make up the one-time biggest group in Africa shook fans in Nigeria and beyond.

The feud between Peter, Paul and elder brother/manager, Jude, played out in the public domain and was sometimes nasty.

In a chat with BeatFM, the singer better known as Rudeboy said he wasn’t himself at the time.

When asked if Psquare will ever record a song together again, he said: “I don’t know.”

Despite being probed by the hosts of the show, Paul refused to be drawn into issues bordering on Psquare.

All he said was: “My fans, take heart. As e dey break my heart na so e dey break una heart.”

He added: “I think I was very stupid, in that aspect. Something got into me. I couldn’t stand him. But what I did, I regretted it. Please forgive me for that and let me move on.”

When asked if the best way to handle such situations the artiste said: “Everybody has problems in their families, everyone has issues.”

Homeless man gives a woman his last $20 for fuel, then something remarkable happens

This is such a great story.
With the Christmas season approaching, consider this to be your timely reminder that kindness, decency, and compassion will never go unrewarded. A few weeks ago, Kate McClure noticed that her petrol tank was empty while driving in Philadelphia.

At the time, Kate left her house without any money and with an empty tank, she was clearly stuck in a bind.

During this difficult moment, a very kind homeless man named Johnny gave her his last $20 so she could fill her tank. He didn’t want any money, food or shelter. He simply wanted to help.

Moved by this remarkable gesture, Kate decided to set up a crowd-funding page to raise some money for Johnny.

As Kate states on her fundraising page: “Johnny sits on the side of the road every day, holding a sign. He saw me pull over and knew something was wrong. He told me to get back in the car and lock the doors. A few minutes later, he comes back with a red gas can. Using his last 20 dollars to make sure I could get home safe.”

She adds: “Johnny did not ask me for a dollar, and I couldn’t repay him at that moment because I didn’t have any cash, but I have been stopping by his spot for the past few weeks. I repaid him for the gas, gave him a jacket, gloves, a hat, and warm socks, and I give him a few dollars every time I see him.”

Well, after a few donations came in, something remarkable happened. Kate’s campaign went viral and it has since garnered an incredible $304,417 in donations and this figure is rising.

Since this wonderful news broke, Kate has informed Johnny that his wonderful act of kindness has been reciprocated by the public at large.

As stated on her Facebook page: “We finally surprised Johnny yesterday! As you can see, he is ECSTATIC!!! And it’s all thanks to those of you who have donated and shared. We still have not hit our mark, but as he said, just what we have now changed his life. We really appreciate the outpouring of support from this amazing community, and we hope that we can keep it going. Please continue to share and donate if you can. This smile is because of YOU!!!”

If this doesn’t put a smile on your face then nothing will. Take a look at Johnny’s reaction.

Great stuff.

Source: Joe.co.uk 

Nnamdi Kanu has jumped bail, his $800m suit purposeless – FG

The Federal Government has urged the Community Court of the Economic Community of West African States sitting in Abuja to dismiss a fundamental human rights enforcement suit filed by the leader of the proscribed Indigenous People of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu.

It stated that Kanu having been granted bail and allegedly escaped from his ongoing trial before the Federal High Court in Abuja, the judgment of the ECOWAS Court on the suit would serve no purpose.

Kanu had filed the suit on March 3, 2016 demanding $800m as compensation from the Federal Government for his alleged unlawful arrest in 2015 and continued detention.

But the lawyer representing the Federal Government, Mrs. Maimuna Shiru, stated in an objection to the suit that Kanu having been granted bail by the Federal High Court in Abuja where he is being tried alongside others on charges of treasonable felony, on April 25, 2017, it was unnecessary for the ECOWAS Court to adjudicate on the IPOB leader’s suit.

She also noted that Kanu having allegedly jumped the bail granted him by the Federal High Court, Abuja, event had overtaken the suit.

The three grounds of the application stated, “Having regards to Article 88(2) of the Rules of the Community Court of Justice, ECOWAS, this suit has become devoid of purpose and unnecessary to adjudicate upon.

“The result of a judicial decision in this suit will serve no purpose. There are no live issues in controversy between the parties for the court to determine.”

Mr. Thomas Etah, who deposed to an affidavit filed in support of the Federal Government’s motion, stated that Kanu filed his notice of registration before the ECOWAS Court on March 3, 2016, while the plaintiff was granted bail by the Federal High Court on April 25.

He added, “That the plaintiff/respondent has now jumped bail and his whereabouts are unknown.

“That further to paragraph 8 above, it is public knowledge that the Federal High Court of Nigeria has ordered Senator Eyinnaya Abaribe and two other sureties to produce the plaintiff/respondent or forfeit their bail bonds.

“That the plaintiff/respondent and the group he represents, the Indigenous People of Biafra have been proscribed as a terrorist organisation by the defendant/applicant (Federal Government).

“That this suit before this honourable court has been overtaken by events and has become devoid of purpose.”

Kanu’s lawyer, Mr. Ifeanyi Ejiofor, told the ECOWAS Court on November 21 that he needed to respond to the application by the Federal Government.

He alleged that the Federal Government deliberately delayed the filing of the motion in order to frustrate the hearing of the case.

But the Federal Government’s lawyer denied the allegation insisting that the motion was filed early enough.

The presiding judge of the ECOWAS Court panel, Justice Hameye Mahalmadane, also noted that the court paper filed by the Federal Government had to be interpreted to the panel members who were all French-speaking.

The court adjourned until February 7 for hearing.

Source: News2.onlinenigeria.com

IPOB to FG: Defend yourself in court — not on the pages of newspapers

The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has accused the federal government of seeking to frustrate the hearing of its fundamental human rights enforcement suit.

It said this while reacting to the application filed by the government at the community court of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), challenging the fundamental rights suit before the court.

In 2016, Nnamdi Kanu, IPOB leader, filed an $800m compensation suit at the court against the federal government for his “unlawful” arrest and detention in 2015.

But the government through its counsel — Maimuna Shiru — urged the court to quash the suit, while accusing Kanu of jumping the bail granted him by the federal high court in Abuja where he is being tried for alleged treasonable felony.

Reacting to an application filed by the federal government, IPOB alleged that the federal government had resorted to “blackmail, cheap lies and misinformation” in the matter.

“The case of abuse of fundamental human rights by the Buhari regime brought by the leader of IPOB Mazi Nnamdi Kanu at the ECOWAS court has been pending for two years, with the government employing all manner of delay tactics to frustrate the case,” the group said in a statement on Monday.

“Now they are holding Nnamdi Kanu in their custody, having denied such publicly, they have finally woken up to ask the court to dismiss the charges against them.

“It will be fair to assume, going by the antics of this government, that their primary reason for the raid on the home of the IPOB leader, was to remove him from circulation and truncate all legal matters involving him.”

Emma Powerful, IPOB spokesman, who issued the statement said the government should “stop running to the pages of newspapers to conduct litigation and prosecution, adding: “They should come to the law court to defend their record.”

“Let the strength of their evidence speak for them rather than relying on cheap propaganda. Cases are won and lost in the law courts not on the pages of newspapers,” it added.

“As long as Nigerian army extra-judicially invaded the home of an unarmed man without court warrant, they are responsible for producing him in court.”
Siurce: Thecabel.ng