Biacoin Airdrop Is Live

What is Biacoin? Biacoin is an ERC-20 Ethereum based Blockchain will be used in purchase of Goods and Services on Stores, Hotel Booking, Car Manufacturing Companies etc..

Biacoin Airdrop: Biacoin Airdrop is still live go and claim your $20 worth of BIA..

Get 100 BIA worth $20 for participating in the Airdrop.


Airdrop Link

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Get the life you deserve in The United States

  1. Thriving Economy.
  2. Exceptional Education Standard.
  3. World Class Healthcare.
Benefits of Green Card Lottery Experts’ Services
 USA Green Card 1.jpg
  • 24/7 access to your application for changes and updates.
  • Application Review for matching your application to all of the governmental requirements.
  • Accurate and timely submission of your application to the U.S. Green Card lottery program.
  • Photo standardization and Electronic submission conforming to U.S. Government standards.
  • Year-round customer service support available in multiple languages
  • Fill out one application and submit it to multiple DV lotteries.
Green Card Lottery Experts is not affiliated with the U.S. Government.
Applying for the Green Card Lottery independently on the official site is free and does not include review of the application, no support, or help in any language but English.

Register for the official United States Diversity Visa Lottery Program with Green Card Lottery Experts.

USA Green Card Spain2.gif

Our foundation is built by individuals who have been providing immigration tips and services and helping immigrants to the United States for more than a decade.

With Green Card Lottery Experts Immigration Services’ Guarantee, you will always have complete access to experienced advisers who will guide you through the application process, ensuring guaranteed participation in the Green Card Lottery Program.

At Green Card Lottery Experts, we pledge to provide you with all the immigration help you require. Perhaps you wish to work or study in the USA – whatever your American Dream, Green Card Lottery Experts will assist you throughout the entire Greencard DV Lottery process.

If you desire to receive US citizenship, to work in America or even to retire in the USA, Green Card Lottery Experts will find your USA immigration solution.

USA Green Card Arabic.gif

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Invest with Bizzilion and never regret it

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Kartiy Amazing Multi Crypto Wallet, Crypto Wallet For All Crypto Card Services

Kartiy wallet a global security blockchain where Cryptocurrencies are exchanged to cash.


Is a Multi Crypto wallet and Crypto card services.

The Kartiy wallet and Crypto card were launched to make the lives of cryptocurrency holders easier. With this newly released products, virtual currency holders can now easily exchange their currencies and also spend them in real time. With the crypto virtual card, users no longer have to convert their coins to fiat before they can make use of it. The kartiy wallet intently supports 8 virtual currency future it supports 100+ virtual currency, it is one of the most secured wallets because its cold wallet feature and it cannot be accessed by cyber hacks. With Kartiy wallet, users no longer have to have different kinds of wallet for different coins. This is just the starting point for Kartiy wallet. we are still coming with different products that will make the life of all crypto holders easier.

Now that the Kartiy Wallet has been launched, users can now do their direct bank deposit without going through the long process of typing in a web address. Crypto card services will enable the use of cryptocurrency in our everyday life.

Taking their user’s security into consideration.

For more information, please contact Jack Smith on or visit the website

Kartiy limited is a United Kingdom-based company, and the first blockchain based technology where users can exchange any cryptocurrency to cash/bank/card within minutes from anywhere globally.


Media Contact
Contact Person: Jack Smith
Email: Send Email
City: London
Country: United Kingdom

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