​A 23-year-old millionaire pretended to be homeless to see how a restaurant would treat him — and it was worse than he imagined

Coby Persin, a 23-year-old vlogger with over three million followers on YouTube, recently dressed up as a homeless person for a hidden camera social experiment .
In a three-minute clip on YouTube , the millionaire can be seen wearing shabby clothing and carrying a garbage bag.

When Persin approaches a

restaurant worker and asks him if he can be seated, the employee turns him away and says, “I’m sorry. We’re not going to be able to do it, sir. This place is a little too expensive for you.”

After Persin insists that he has

money to pay, the employee asks him to “please get away” and “go eat at McDonald’s .”

At the end of the video, Persin calls his driver Ronaldo, who cruises up to the front of the restaurant in a Rolls Royce and hands Persin a briefcase full of cash.

Persin then tells the restaurant worker, “I told you I had money. What’s crazy is the way you judged people just by their appearance.”

You can watch Persin’s full social experiment in the video below.


​Benjamin Netanyahu ‘Do not test Israel’, Prime minister tells Iran, brandishing drone ‘piece’

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned Tehran on Sunday over aggressions by what he called Iran and its “proxies” in Syria, while showing what he claimed was a piece of an Iranian drone shot down in Israeli airspace.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned Tehran on Sunday over aggressions by what he called Iran and its “proxies” in Syria, while showing what he claimed was a piece of an Iranian drone shot down in Israeli airspace.

Saying he had ” A message to the tyrants of Tehran ” during a speech at the Munich Security Conference, he warned: “Do not test Israel’s resolve.”

He brandished a rectangular piece of dark green metal which he called “a piece of that Iranian drone, or what’s left of it, after we shot it down.”

Israel has said it shot down the drone on February 10 after it entered the country from Syria, and responded with a raid on what it said was the Iranian control systems for the craft in Syria.

It marked the first time Israel publicly acknowledged hitting Iranian targets in Syria since the 2011 start of the civil war there.

During the strikes, one of Israel’s F-16 fighter jets was shot down, believed to be the first loss of an Israeli plane in combat since 1982.

Calling Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif the ” smooth-talking mouthpiece of Iran’s regime,” Netanyahu said: ” Mr Zarif, do you recognise this? You should, it’s yours.”

Again referring to Zarif, who is scheduled to speak later in Munich, the Israeli leader said: “No doubt Mr Zarif will brazenly deny Iran’s involvement in Syria.”

“He lies with eloquence.”

‘Noose of terror’

The Israeli military has claimed the drone was a copy of a US model captured by Iran in 2011, based on an analysis of the drone’s debris.

Tensions between the two countries have been building in recent months, with Israel fearing that Tehran is trying to establish a permanent presence in Syria as part of an effort to become a greater regional power in the Middle East.

At the same time, Syria appears to feel it now has the upper hand in the civil war and is more emboldened to stop Israeli air raids inside the country, analysts say.

But Netanyahu said Sunday that Israel would not let Iran obtain a permanent foothold in its northern neighbour.

“Through its proxies — Shiite militias in Iraq, the Huthis in Yemen, Hezbollah in Lebanon, Hamas in Gaza — Iran is devouring huge swathes of the Middle East,” he said.

“Israel will not allow Iran’s regime to put a noose of terror around our neck,” he added.

“We will act without hesitation to defend ourselves. And we will act if necessary not just against Iran’s proxies that are attacking us, but against Iran itself.”

But he stressed that Israel was not the enemy of the Iranian people, and offered his condolences to the families of the 66 people killed in an Iranian plane crash Sunday.

“We have no quarrel with the people of Iran, only with the regime that torments them,” Netanyahu said.

​Israel tests world’s most powerful missile defense system

•Israeli Arrow missile defense system
Israel has successfully tested its new Arrow missile defense system arguably the most powerful in the world.

The Defense Ministry announced this in a tweet, noting that it was an accomplishment of a programme that had seen a series of delays and cancellations.

The test was carried out in cooperation with the United States’ Missile Defense Agency.

“A short while ago, the Defense Ministry and American MDA carried out a planned flight test of its Arrow weapons system, with an Arrow 3 interceptor,” the Defense Ministry tweeted.

“The Arrow 3 interceptor was launched and carried out its mission.”

The test came after several aborted attempts in recent months.

In January, an exercise was called off because of a communication glitch that resulted in a data transfer problem.

In December, a test was canceled after safety concerns arose when the Anchor-type target missile which was fired from a jet experienced a malfunction.

“The experiment we conducted today was very complex,” Boaz Levy, Deputy CEO of Israel Aerospace Industries and manager of its Systems, Missiles & Space Group, said in a statement.

“In the experiment, the interceptor simulated a full military scenario and the rocket did the route in full. And, if it had a real target, would have hit it. We are very pleased with the result.”

Israel Aerospace Industries worked together with Boeing to develop the Arrow-3.

Moshe Patel, the director of Israel’s Missile Defense Organisation, said in a statement that a more advanced test is scheduled in Alaska later this year.

“The Arrow-3 is designed for long-range threats, as well as unconventional threats,” said Patel, appearing to hint at Iran’s ballistic capabilities.

“We are aiming for 100 percent success rate.”

The Arrow 3 is considered to be one of the most powerful weapons of its kind in the world and has been in development for nearly a decade, starting in 2008.

It was handed over to the Israeli Air force in January 2017.

In March 2017, Israel used the Arrow-2 system for the first time, intercepting a surface-to-air missile launched from Syria toward Israeli fighter jets returning from an operation over Syria. (NAN)

Source News Express

 ‘Time-traveler’ claiming to be from year 2030 passes a lie detector test after claiming that Donald Trump will be re-elected and Artificial Intelligence will take over

A mysterious man claiming to be from the future has passed a lie detector test after claiming Donald Trump will be re-elected and Artificial Intelligence will take over.

The “time-traveler”, called Noah, claims he has risked his life to travel back in time to fulfil his mission, which, he says, is to tell those alive now what the world has in store. He made the claims in a YouTube video posted by Apex TV. His face and voice were distorted in the video to hide his identity.

Among his predictions is the claim that Google Glass-style robotics will spread across the globe. Technology will also have developed to the point where it will be able to independently run a home. Bitcoin will be increasingly popular but pennies and cents will still be in use.

In 2030 he says the US president is a mysterious figure called Ilana Remikee. He also suggests global warming has caused temperatures in North America to increase while Europe has cooled.

Humans will reach Mars in 2028 and, the same year, time travel will be discovered. He states that electric cars will be able to travel as fast as diesel and petrol ones and many forms of cancer have been cured.

In a previous interview with Paranormal Elite, Noah said he had anorexia and is in fact 50-years-old, but that he had taken an age rejuvenation drug which had transformed him into a 25-year-old.

Noah’s claims was greeted with disbelief and, in response, he agreed to take a lie detector test on camera. During the test, he is asked to predict some of the future’s major events – and confirm he really is who he says he is. His claims turned out to be certified as the truth by the lie detector machine. He also claimed during the test that he has “hard evidence” to back up his predictions but isn’t sure that he can say what that is because it might cause a paradox. And the machine showed again that he was telling the truth.

He then began to list events he says will happen in the next 12 years, including the re-election of Donald Trump and the rise of Artificial Intelligence. In spite of the result of the lie detector test, Noah has received criticism from sceptics who claim the test was rigged.

“All Apex TV does is flash an answer on the screen with a ding noise, that doesn’t truly validate the lie detector,” wrote one critic.

Another added: “You need to show the name of the lie detector and go through the stages of setting up the test. 2030 is not that far off so what was the name of the president he gave, [they] should be very much alive right now.”

Lie detector tests do not say if things are objectively true, only that the person who is making the claim believes that they are true. 

Source: uncova.com

We will destroy Israel and flatten Tel Aviv to the ground, even Netanyahu will be killed, Islamic Republic of Iran threatens to annihilate the world’s only Jewish Nation

​Iran has threatened Israel and its Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, saying it will destroy Tel Aviv if there is an attack on the Islamic Republic.

In a televised speech on Monday, a senior Iranian official said the Israeli

city of Tel Aviv would be “leveled to the ground” if Israel were to attack Iran, and Netanyahu would not escape with his life.

Mohsen Rezaei, a former head of Iran’s powerful Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and secretary of the country’s Expediency Council, made the remarks in response to a speech Netanyahu made in Munich on Sunday, The Times of Israel reported.

The Israeli leader threatened strikes against Iran at the international security conference. As he made the warning, Netanyahu brandished a piece of fuselage from an Iranian drone shot down by an Israeli attack helicopter over Israel’s northern border last Saturday.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu holds up what he claims is a piece of an Iranian drone that was shot down after it flew over Israeli territory, at the Munich Security Conference 2018, in Munich, on February 18, 2018. Iran has threatened Israel and its Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, saying it will destroy Tel Aviv if there is an attack on the Islamic Republic. Lennart Preiss/MSC 2018 via Getty Images

“About Netanyahu’s unwise words, I should say that if they carry out the slightest unwise move against Iran, we will level Tel Aviv to the ground,” Rezaei told the Hezbollah-affiliated al-Manar channel on Monday. He added that Tehran would not “give Netanyahu any opportunity to flee.”

The war of words between Iran and Israel follows a flaring of tensions on the ground between the two nations .

The downing of the Iranian drone on February 10 was the first direct confrontation between Israel and Iran in Israeli territory. Since the start of the civil war in neighboring Syria, Israel has regularly intervened to check the expansion of Iran and its Lebanese proxy Hezbollah, which has backed the Bashar al-Assad led Syrian regime in Damascus.

In response to the drone incursion, Israeli Air Force jets targeted a mobile command center military officials claimed had operated the unmanned aerial vehicle. During the raid, one of eight jets involved in the attack was hit by a Syrian anti-aircraft missile. The aircraft crash-landed in Israel.

Rezaei accused Netanyahu in his speech of being theatrical and childish. “U.S. and Israeli leaders don’t know Iran and don’t understand the power of resistance, and therefore they continuously face defeat,” he said. -YN
Source: onlinenigeria.com

WhatsApp Introduced Payment Feature (Send and Receive Money)

​This is kind of getting interesting as WhatsApp is not relenting in upgrading her services. Few days ago, WhatsApp introduced Payment feature in India and it has started rolling out to users. Very soon, it will be available to Nigeria and other African countries.

The payment feature is powered by UPI which enables users to send and receive money easily. With the new service, users can now link their bank account to their WhatsApp account via Unified Payments Interface (UPI) and begin making payments straight to another user’s bank account through a WhatsApp chat.

Users can locate the payment option in Whatsapp by tapping on the attachment B.utton placed next to the camera icon. After that, users will see the payment option along with other options such as gallery, video and others. Once clicked then a list of banks will appear on the screen and you then have to select the bank to which bank account is being linked. After selecting the account, you will just have to verify it to send the money.

WhatsApp Payment Feature, A Major Concern to Nigerian Bank

You’ll recall that sometimes last year, Telcos urges Federal Government to ban WhatsApp because the activities of ‘over-the-top’ companies like WhatsApp, Viber have adverse effects on its business and affects the sustainability of Nigeria’s telecommunications industry.

Now, analyst are saying if WhatsApp becomes very successful in payments, it may become a small bank of itself. In other words, if people decide to be leaving money in their wallets without moving them to their bank accounts, most banks would struggle [liquidity issues]”

As a Nigerian, why will I go to the ATM to make transfer that incurs charges or open bank digital wallet to make transfer when I can easily execute it directly from my WhatsApp application?

The case maybe worse for Nigerian banks because as Ekewe pointed out, most Nigerian banks are enjoying growing transaction-based fees with ATM charges and all kinds of charges including stamp duty on digital transfer.

Source: uncova.com

Avoid Huawei, ZTE, and Other Chinese Smartphones

​If you’re looking for a new smartphone, six U.S. intelligence heads have advised that you should probably avoid purchasing one from Chinese manufacturers Huawei or ZTE. Sure, they’ve got nice screens and good price points, but there’s more to a smartphone than its size. Also, they might be a cybersecurity risk.

This CNBC report cites the testimony of the heads of the CIA, FBI, and NSA, along with the director of national security, who all expressed concerns over the use of smartphones from the two Chinese manufacturers. In short, the companies are suspected of using their devices to potentially spy on individuals, steal information, and cause telecommunications issues.

As a result of the government’s suspicion of the company, Huawei has been having a rough go of selling its phones in America, with Verizon being the most recent wireless carrier to get rid of their devices due to government pressure. That means you can’t just walk into your wireless carrier’s retail store or online shop to buy them; you’ll have to purchase these devices from Huawei and ZTE directly (an inconvenience you really shouldn’t bother with).

Why You Shouldn’t Get Them Anyway

Government suspicion aside, you should also stay away from them simply because there are better options available. There are more factors to consider when purchasing a smartphone, factors that go beyond screen size or processing power. Support for updates, hardware accessory ecosystems, and resale value should also be included in your buying process.

A phone’s branding and popularity (one thing Huawei is lacking in America) matters when you’re looking for accessories like cases, mounts, and other compatible items, and don’t want to pay a premium to buy the one option from the phone’s manufacturer, or some knockoff product on eBay. Buying a phone from a relatively unknown smartphone company makes it much harder to find compatible accessories at competitive prices.

In addition, Chinese smartphone brands almost always have a lower resale value than more popular options like Samsung’s Galaxy series, or Apple’s iPhone devices. And as someone who has sold more than a few smartphones in his time, let me tell you: no one wants your off-brand Chinese smartphone. Not even the United States, apparently.

If you’re looking for a capable Android device, buying one that uses a custom Android skin (like Huawei’s EMUI software layered atop Android 8.0) also reduces the likelihood you’ll receive the most current version of the operating system, a problem you’ll worry less about if you go with a smartphone from a company like Google or Samsung. You could obviously go Apple and get an iPhone 8, about the same price as Huawei’s brand new Mate 10 Pro , but with better cameras and a more expansive software and hardware ecosystem to choose from.

Source: lifehacker.com