Discover how to last for 25 minutes plus in bed (without taking any sex drug at all)


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In this article, I will show you just one simple & powerful trick that will make it easy for you to last 20 – 30 minutes or more every time you get in bed with your woman. And no, you don’t have to endanger your health by taking any of those sex pills and drugs sold online.
My name is Brian Ike. Owner of the only website in Nigeria that teaches men how to satisfy their partners in bed.
You see, poor sexual performance or not lasting long in bed is really a big problem that 82% of men face in their lives.
And the problem is that we (men) don’t have anyone to complain to.
If you already know how to last long in bed, this article is not for you…
If you have not been in a situation where your woman tells you to your face that you don’t satisfy her in bed then this article is not for you…
If you have not lost a relationship because your woman can no longer stand the sexual frustration she goes through in your hands, then this article is definitely not for you…
A lot of people won’t understand what poor sexual performance can do to a man.
Knowing that you can’t perform for long in bed weakens a man’s soul.
It makes him lose his respect before his woman in the bedroom.
It kills him inside every time he ejaculates too quick.
Do you know what it means for a woman to tell you that she is tired of your performance in bed?
Do you know how painful it is for a man to lose his woman to a fellow man because he cannot last up to 5 minutes in bed?
Do you know how embarrassing it is for a full grown healthy man to ejaculate as soon as he penetrates?
My brother, see ehn, if you have not experienced any of these things before then you won’t understand what people are passing through.
The worse part of the problem is when you have the money but you don’t know where to get help from.
You see, on Friday night during the Valencia vs Real Sociedad match I got a call from an unknown number. I’m a football fanatic and I don’t answer calls any time I watch football but I don’t know why I picked up that call.
I spoke with a woman whose man cannot last long in bed. She was almost in tears. She told me that she cannot take it anymore. She was frustrated by the bad sex her husband was giving her.
She almost filled for a divorce. It was that bad.
After I counseled her for a while, I revealed to her the secret which I am about to tell you now.
Guess what? Her man called me a while ago to say thank you for the powerful trick I gave him.
Bros, the thing is this, if you don’t last long in bed, if you don’t satisfy your wife in bed and if you don’t go more than one round in bed but you want it to change today then this article is for you!
REMEMBER, you won’t need to take any sort of drug at all. It is very wrong to prescribe drugs online.
A lot of men have benefited from this solution. And they always satisfied with our services… See below…




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Exactly 27 Nigerian men contacted us from outside of the country especially, Ghana and U.S. and they always order for more.
The reason I’m telling you this is because I have been in similar situations where I could not satisfy my woman. I know how it feels.
So, I know what works and what doesn’t work. And I want to reveal to you what I use in overcoming premature ejaculation.
Lots of testimonies have been coming in via emails and WhatsApp chats
Lots of lives are changing for the better
Lots of men are having better sex than before.
Listen, bro, I have helped 4221 men regain their sexual confidence and cheat-proof their relationships. And I promise to do that for you too…
The solution doesn’t lie in drugs. It doesn’t lie in avoiding sex.
The Xtreme Last Long Gel (XLLG)


XLLG has an Oriental origin (East Asia)
• It is 100% safe
• It is 100% effective and fool-proof
• It takes less than 30 seconds to use
• It gives you an amazing long-lasting erection
• It’s effects lasts for days after the first use
FACT: if you use the XLLG, you will enjoy the HARDEST, LONGEST LASTING ERECTION of your life.
The kind of erections that will have your women desperate to feel you inside them. GUARANTEED.
Now, here’s what makes XLLG special:
1. The first set of men who purchases the XLLG will get one can of FREE
2. Anyone who purchases the XLLG will also get one tube of sex lubricant for FREE (for men whose women always complain of dryness and pain during sex)
3. You get the limited chance of receiving an EXCLUSIVE 14-day one-on-one coaching by me (Brian Ike) for FREE too…


One more thing,
XLLG is not CHEAP… cheap products contains cheap worthless and sometimes dangerous ingredients.
But it’s reasonable. Very reasonable in fact.
Moreover, the offer is LIMITED.
Only for the first 21 men who contact us and are serious about ending this shameful premature climaxing in bed.
So, if you are serious about lasting long in bed and you want to put a stop to it FOREVER like a MAN, all you have to do is call 09050047973 (Kenny) or send him aWhatsApp message on 09050047973
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Remember, the BONUSES that comes along with the XLLG:
• one extra can of XLLG
• a free sex Lubricant
• a free exclusive 14-day one-on-one coaching is open for the first set of men who contact us.
This product will be the last you will ever purchase!
Call 09050047973 (Kenny) or send him a WhatsApp message on 09050047973now
Or Visit or send an email to brianike000 [at]
Offer expires in less than 3 days…
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3 thoughts on “Discover how to last for 25 minutes plus in bed (without taking any sex drug at all)”

  1. solid advice? if you’re going to cheat on your gf, don’t read this.

    PRO TIP: FOCUS ON THE PAIN — pinch the back of your thigh if you’re gtting close and to keep yourself “calm”. don’t rely on it of course ahah. you need more than that…

    I was barely lasting 4 minutes.. I found this and book marked it. Now I’m lasting literally 26 minutes or so. Ever since last year I just couldn’t last so I had to do something. Came back looking for a different article but this will help you.

    Liked by 1 person

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