The shocking moment a deadly cobra escaped from its handler & tried to attack onlookers (Photos)


The horrifying moment a cobra almost injured tourists watching a snake show in Thailand was captured by a man named Dmitriy Bodnar. The snake show which was going on in Phuket was initially going on well with the charmer performing a number of tricks which included kissing the deadly cobra on its head.
Members of the audience were however shocked when a wrong move by the charmer made the cobra leap into the crowd, arching its neck at terrified crowd members. It was probably ready to release a devastating amount of venom on its victims but was thankfully pulled away just in time.
Reacting to the horrifying incident, Dmitriy Bodnar said,
‘The show was very interesting. I sat quietly and watched until the snake almost bit spectators. I do not know whether it was part of the show or something went out of control, but the fact is I was frightened, not only I was frightened. everyone was.’




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2 thoughts on “The shocking moment a deadly cobra escaped from its handler & tried to attack onlookers (Photos)”

  1. People are fearful of a cobra when it is in their midst. Muslims are allowed to walk among them not knowing that they are the equivalent to that cobra obeying a being who wants to be like God imitating God called allah who is faithless.

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