Adding itself to the list of growing Instant messaging apps around the world, Palmchat, one of the world’s most mainstream IM administration is presently utilized by 1 out of 70 people living on this planet, meaning an incredible 100 million users.
Keeping to its maxim by seeking to be one of the world’s most used IM application, Palmchat is now crawling closer to that stunning 1 Billion mark.
Talking on accomplishing this turning point, Palmchat group says,
“We all at Palmchat are proud of this landmark and we’re humbled by the astonishing ways all of you have used Palmchat. Whether through finding a date, or following up on that business lead, we are flattered to be a part of what people are doing to make their lives and the lives of those around them seamless.”
The most recent figures come weeks after Palmchat launched a new version the
Palmchat 5.2 , which IM lovers have been using to engage each other in thoughtful conversations and chats.
The new Palmchat 5.2, comes with new uniquely tailored features such as in-app Palmstore, a totally retooled ‘Broadcast’ and ‘Locals’ handles. So, it is no surprise that the IM app has won the hearts of a lot of Social media users.
However, the figure is set to rise in the nearest future as Palmchat is set to launch another latest version of its app which is rumored to have an in-app credit top up function which in my opinion will be something really unique.
Well, will the new version come with that? let’s wait and see, only time will tell.
To join the growing Palmchat community simply download the latest version here.




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