#Niger_Delta_Avengers #Militants blow up another #Shell_oil_facility


The militants claimed responsibility fr the damage saying it was as a result of the management’s refusal to carry on with the repairs of the damaged oil facility.

Once again, the destructive militants under the aegis, Niger Delta Avengers, » have blown up another oil facility owned by Shell Petroleum Development Community.
According to a recent tweet, by the militants on June 3, 2016, the SPDC forcados 48″ Exportline was blown at about 3:00am in the wee hours of the day.
The militants claimed responsibility for the damage saying it was as a result of the management’s refusal to carry on with the repairs of the damaged oil facility.

“At 3:00 am today NDAvengers blow up the SPDC forcados 48″ Exportline. We warned SPDC not to go ahead with repair works but they refuse,” the tweet read.
Meanwhile, SPDC on March 24, 2016 had announced the decision of the management to repair the damaged facility.
“SPDC Joint Venture declared force majeure on lifting of Forcados blend effective 09:00hrs (Nigerian time) Tuesday, March 25, 2014, due to ongoing repairs on the 48-inch crude export line at Forcados Terminal in the Western Niger Delta. The subsea line was shut when a leak was discovered on March 4, 2014, leading to suspension of SPDC and third party crude oil exports through the terminal, ” the statement read.
Continuing, the company stated that
‘Helicopter overflights showed a slight sheen around the export line. A joint investigation conducted by representatives of communities, SPDC, regulators and security agencies determined that the leak was caused by third party interference; unknown persons had installed a crude theft point on the line in water depth of about eight metres.’
The destruction of the oil facility is coming barely 24 hours after the Federal Government inaugurated the Ogoni Clean Up exercise on June 2, 2016.
The militants have vowed to destroy facilities of the oil company saying it will bring the petroleum production in Nigeria to zero state.

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