Buhari said PDP holds prayer for President’s recovery


This is coming on the heels of the President’s trip to London to treat a persistent ear disease.

Members of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) have come together to hold a prayer session for President Buhari’s
This is coming on the heels of the President’s trip to London to treat a persistent ear disease.
It has also been revealed that Buhari is also suffering from a terrible cough
» that sources say is worse that the ear disease.
Deputy Senate President, Ike Ekweremadu, who led the prayer session, also called on Nigerians to pray for Mr. President and other political leaders.
Ekweremadu said “Before I proceed, let me quickly remind all of us that our President is presently not feeling well and has been flown abroad for treatment. So, I will like to invite you to rise, let us say one minute of prayer for his quick recovery.”
The Deputy Senate President also said
“Our dear party men and women, we must apologise to certain institutions and aspects of our national life. And to our currency, we are worried and we are sorry about the dwindling fortune of our currency.
“We are worried about the weakness of our currency. But we want to assure our currency that by 2019, you will be strong again. Our economy, by the time we left in 2015 was the strongest in Africa, today we sympathise with that economy but we want to assure our economy that you will be strong again not only in Africa but in the whole world.”
Ekweremadu also told Nigerians that their story will change when PDP comes back to power in 2019.
He said “To the people of Nigeria, there is still hope. We sympathise with you, with what you are going through today. But with the PDP you are seeing today, there is hope for our country.
“Our promise to the people of Nigeria is that we are going to produce the next President of this country in 2019. We will produce the President based on superior argument. We want our President to succeed but we believe that we have better things to offer to Nigeria because we have done that in the past and we will do it again.”
The Commonwealth Medical Association has criticised President Muhammadu Buhari » over his trip to London to treat an ear infection.

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Source: Pulse.ng


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