Home Remedy Fastest way to get rid of dark spotsl


Dark spots (hyper-pigmentation ) are usually not serious skin issue/conditions but they make the skin appear dull.

Black/Dark spots on the face may be as a result of acne scarring, untreated pimples or infection and so on which end up leaving unattractive scars/marks behind.
Dark spots can be corrected by using topical creams, prescribed creams or home remedies. Using home remedies (containing natural ingredients) should be encouraged as most times, it helps to correct skin issues without side effects.

For treatment of dark spots, this home remedy works:
You need:
Lemon and its juice
Lemon/ lemon juice works well to lighten or brighten the skin as it contains
Vitamin C / citrus that keeps the skin smooth, youthful and noticeably brighter – it has become one of the commonest ‘food’ used as beauty/skincare ‘product’.

How to:
1. Squeeze juice out of fresh lemon
2. Using a cotton wool dipped into the fresh lemon juice, rub directly on affected areas of the face
3. Leave this to dry for a few minutes
4. Wash the face with running tap water
NOTE: Use this sparingly and only on areas with dark spots

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