Niger Delta MEND accuses Army of harassment


The militants also said the military is carrying out reprisal attacks and destroying the livelihood of the communities.

The defunct, Niger Delta militant group,
Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND) has accused the
Nigerian Army of harassment.
MEND also said the military is carrying out reprisal attacks and destroying the livelihood of the communities.
The group also called on the military to apply the rules of engagement as they carry out their operations in the region.
MEND in a statement issued to newsmen, also said “Equally of grave concern to MEND is the disproportionate use of force and the sheer unimaginable dimension of the ongoing Nigerian military onslaught in the Niger Delta region and the attendant collateral damage done to the political, social and economic lives of the ordinary people, especially in the Ijaw communities.
“While we commiserate with the affected persons, families and communities, we seize this opportunity to call on the international community as well as the National Emergency Management Agency to dispatch relief materials to the region, as a matter of utmost priority.
“MEND notes with grave concern the recent renewed spate of unprovoked and persistent attacks on Nigeria’s oil installations by the Niger Delta Avengers; many of whom were MEND commanders and fighters who jumped on the Presidential Amnesty gravy train without knowing why they took up arms in the first place.
“However, we hereby remind our communities who harbour criminals such as members of the NDA that their communities are not protected by the extant principles of international and/or municipal law during a conflict; even as we urge the Nigerian military high command to stick to the rules of engagement and international best practices.”
Ex-militants who fought for the Niger Delta Liberation Force (NDLF), have called » on the Niger Delta Avengers to surrender.

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