Fuel Tanker Explosion Inferno in Abia State due to vehicle collision


A total of twenty people could have been killed if the fuel tanker had gotten to the Aba bridge, where passengers were reportedly boarding vehicles to their destination.

There was massive fire on the Aba-Ikot Epkene road on Saturday, June 4, 2016, when a fuel tanker driver lost control of his vehicle and ran into three others parked in the accident scene.
The loss of control was as a result of brake failure, which could have led to the death of twenty people, who narrowly escaped the fire.
According to Punch, the driver of fuel tanker tried unsuccessfully to regain control of the vehicle, before two cars, which tumbled twice upon impact.
A source who spoke to Southern City News narrated that the accident could have been more serious if the tanker driver hadn’t stop his vehicle from reaching the Aba bridge.

“If the fuel tanker had crossed the bridge, there would have been casualties as many passengers were boarding vehicles to the city centre around the bridge.”
Punch also reported that residents of the area are now calling on the Federal Government to provide a flyover at the bridge in a bid to curb against accidents.

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Source: Pulse.ng


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