4-year-old boy whose skull separated from his spine miraculously survives without surgery (photos)


4 year old boy Killian Gonzalez, miraculously survived after he was internally decapitated in a car accident and wouldn’t have made it without the help of a good Samaritan, who held his head perfectly still until paramedics arrived.
When someone is internally decapitated, their head is essentially just holding on by a thread – his skull basically separated from his spine. Less than one percent survive the injury. Those who do, need extensive surgery and wear a halo brace. This child, miraculously, didn’t have to undergo any of that


Killian and his mother, Brandy Gonzalez, were traveling to Nevada after celebrating Killian’s birthday when their car skid off the road due to ice, causing them to crash.
A Nampa police officer and his wife Leah Woodward were coming down the hill and saw the crash unfold in front of them. Leah Woodward quickly got out of the car to see if there were any survivors. That’s when she heard a little boy screaming from the car.
She was unable to get into the car because of locked doors, she then took a hitch and smashed out the back window of the vehicle.
With a little guidance from her husband, Leah sat up the lifeless 4-year-old boy and held his C-Spine.
She held his head straight for over half an hour. A move that likely saved his life.
Killian ruptured his spleen, broke his arm and multiple ribs. But the worst injury he suffered from was clinical decapitation. A rare condition where his skull separated from his spine.


Most people don’t even survive, but Killian is expected to make a full recovery. He’s eating, walking, and even sitting up by himself. All without surgery.
The boy and his mum are now getting better and recovering. Thank God!

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Source: KBOITV


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