15 things you should never say to a Nollywood actor


From “I don’t watch Nollywood movies” to “are you an upcoming actor,” check out 15 things you should never say to a Nollywood actor.

What are some of those things you should never say to an actor in Nollywood, Kannywood or the newly founded Callywood?
Check out some of those things which can be seen as offensive by an actor.
Here we go:
1. Nollywood has the highest number of mediocres in a single industry.
2. So you are an actor? I have never seen your work.

3. What’s your real job?
4. Do you pay for all those likes on your social media page?

5. How did your movie gross millions at the box office? My cinema hall was empty.
6. Are you an upcoming actor? Are you famous?

7. So you feature in Yoruba movies, when do you plan making your Nollywood debut?
8. Are you an Asaba or New Nollywood actor?
9. I don’t watch Nollywood movies.

10. You are an overrated/underrated award winning actor.
11. Anyone can act, it is not that difficult.
12. Is it true all actresses sleep their way in?

13. What do you do for money? Do you have another job?
14. Do you know any famous person?
15. Tonto Dike and Mercy Johnson were the last superstars to emerge from Nollywood.

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