Duncan Mighty, Niger-Delta singer keeps to his promise to Nigerian President about Niger Delta Avengers (NDA)


Kudos to Duncan Mighty for helping to try establish peace in the volatile Niger-Delta region. The Federal Government should encourage the singer.

On April 14, 2016 popular singer Duncan Mighty wrote an open letter to President Buhari stating his desire to help his government » especially in the area of youth empowerment project in Niger Delta.
“ Dear Mr President, My Name is DUNCAN MIGHTY a successful musician who has always exported the good massages, RYTHME and vibes of Nigerian IKWERRE PORT HARCOURT content to the global world.
“I am also a successful entrepreneur /businessman with remarkable achievements in Niger Delta.
“Please I want you to give me the opportunity to assist your Government in carrying out youth empowerment project in Niger Delta as to enable some of our eligible youths shun social vices, cultism and face there Gods given talent for a greeter Nigeria of Tomorrow ” wrote Duncan Mighty.

Back then it looked like political grandstanding but with Duncan Mighty’s recent action it seems his intentions are honest in trying to help this present administration out in the Niger-Delta region.
With the rise of a new oil terrorist group
Niger-Delta Avengers, the Federal Government is stuck on how to tackle the problem of oil terrorism. To fight the group would worsen the volatile state of the nation. To negotiate and accept to their demands will make the Federal Government weak in the area of anti-terrorism campaign.
The delicate nature of handling the Niger Delta Avengers is the perfect opportunity for Duncan Mighty to prove he is truly a statesman. Already the hit singer has reached out and met the group.
On June 22, 2016 Duncan Mighty
announced that he had a successful meeting » with the Niger Delta Avengers. He shared a photo of him with Nigerian soldiers on his Instagram page and captioned it “ With MA Squaddie. Proud of my Job.. Successful meeting with the NIGER DELTA AVENGERS . It is only peace that can bring about sustainable development in our region #nigerdeltayouthpresident #southsouthbrandambassador #legendary #duncanmighty #duncanmightyourpride.”

Duncan Mighty who is presently the Niger Delta Youth/Brand ambassador has proven that he is all about action and not words. While a lot of celebrities from the Niger-Delta are hardly saying anything about the situation Duncan Mighty is using his star status to try and effect change.
The talented singer should not only be applauded for his efforts he should be recognized in an official capacity as the liaison between the Federal Government and the Niger-Delta government. In the South-South there is a high level of distrust the indigenes have for the Federal Government. Using a familiar face would help iron out the wrinkles in the relationship between the government and the militants.
As Duncan Mighty continues his patriotic efforts of achieving peace in the region, he should convince his counterparts also to try and do something for the region and Nigeria.
Lastly, Duncan Mighty has proven that he is a man of his word. He should be encouraged by all means to continue his peace making effort.
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Source: Pulse


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