Nnamdi kanu of IPOB have once again proven himself worthy. There was a “prison break”




yesterday night June 24 at Kuje
prison Abuja where prisoners
inmates escaped. Nnamdi kanu
the leader of indigenous people of
Biafra saw this opportunity to
escape the Nigerian jungle prison
“but” he never took it WHY?
Because he is learned, he believe
in doing things right, he believe in
the rule of law even when the
pedophile trampled on his right
countless times, he still maintain
his stand of doing the right thing
even in detention and at the point
of death. He didn’t run away like
cowards or common criminal
because he is not one, that alone
signifies, shows and prove to the
zoo government that Biafrans are
law abiding citizens, it equally
shows that mr kanu is indeed
worthy of emulation and a true
leader by example. If Nigeria law
makers are exposed, civilized and
learned, they would Immediately
release Nnamdi kanu for this
singular act, apologize to him and
pay for all the damages they have
caused him as well as granting
self determination of the
sovereign state of Biafra.

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