Graham Brady, Britain should negotiate Brexit before any election


Britain should negotiate the terms of its exit from the European Union before holding its next parliamentary election, the chair of the committee of Conservative lawmakers told Sky News on Monday.
Prime Minister David Cameron said he would resign after Britons voted to leave the EU last week, and earlier the Conservative committee recommended his successor should be in place by Sept. 2 at the latest.
Asked if there should be an early parliamentary election following the selection of that new leader, chairman of the 1922 committee of Conservative lawmakers Graham Brady said the negotiation with the EU should be carried out first.
“We have just been given a very clear steer, direction by the people of Britain … we have a big complicated task to accomplish, ” he said.
“I think it is entirely reasonable to expect that the government should embark on that, get on with that, seek to negotiate as good an outcome as we can before the people then are asked to approve or reject that in a general election. ”

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Source:  Pulse


Author: Signalblog

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