​In Aba State, Police nabs fake lawyer

The Aba Area Command Police of Nigeria has reportedly arrested a man who has been posing as a lawyer.

The suspect identified, Mba Akachukwu, who has reportedly been posing as a lawyer, was arrested for possession of fake Nigerian currencies.

Mr Akachukwu is reported to have defrauded a number of people with the fake currencies, as well as using a fake identity card to bail several suspects from police custody.

The Nation reports that the police, going by a tip off, stormed his location and arrested him while recovering the counterfeit currency papers in his posession.

The currencies are reported to have been in five hundred Naira and one thousand Naira denominations, while several deeds of agreements and invoices, a letterhead paper of the Aba North Local Government Area of the State, and two fake identity cards of a litigation officer and Aba North Task Force ID card, were also recovered.

The suspect confessed to his crimes after his arrest and is reportedly in police custody awaiting his court hearing.


Author: IkemSamuelblog

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