​Forbes, 14 world’s highest paid actors of 2016

Forbes’ annual ranking of the top-earning celebrities includes some actors. Check out 14 actors who made the 2016 Forbes list.

According to Forbes Magazine, 44-year-old Dwayne Johnson is the world’s highest-paid actor with a whopping

$64.5 million.

Johnson took the spot from “Iron Man’s” Robert Downey Jr , who took the 10th spot and 86th on the Forbes list with $33 million.

Others on the list include Chinese actor

Jackie Chan with $61 million and Indian actors Shah Rukh Khan and Akshay Kumar with $33 million and $31.5 million respectively.

Jennifer Lawrence emerged Hollywood’s highest-paid actress for the second consecutive year, with $46 million.

Check out 14 actors who made the 2016 Forbes ‘world’s highest paid celebrities of 2016.’

1. Dwayne Johnson – $64.5 M

2. Jackie Chan – $61M

3. Matt Damon – $51M

4. Tom Cruise – $53 M

5. Johnny Depp – $48M

6. Jennifer Lawrence – $46M

7. Ben Affleck – $43M

8. Sofia Vergara – $43M

9. Vin Diesel – $35M

10. Robert Downey Jr. – $33M

11. Shah Rukh Khan – $33M

12. MelisSa McCarthy – $33M

13. Akshay Kumar – $31.5M

14. Brad Pitt – $31.5M.

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