Archbishop John Okeke releases 2018 predictions both National and International, says there will be tribal war

A Lagos cleric, Archbishop John Obi Okeke of God’s Pentecostal Mission has joined the league of religious leaders predicting happenings of the new year.

Among his many predictions, the Archbishop reveals that there will be a tribal war in Taraba state.

See His Predictions Below:

1. There will be an earthquake in America in 2018.

2. There will be a hurricane in North Atlantic in 2018.

3. Three Arab countries will lose their kings to death this year, 2018.

4. God said that He will defeat all those ganging up against Israel because of Jerusalem.

5. China will have a terrible fall this year 2018

6. In Nigeria, there will be a collapse of tall buildings.It will happen in Abuja and Lagos precisely.

7. A Church building will collapse again in Nigeria this year, 2018.

9. There will be tribal war in Taraba state.

10. This year 2018, there will be terrible flood during the rainy season.

Parents should guard their wards because the flood will carry children most especially in the Northern region, Western region and Benue.

The worst hit will be Rivers state.

11. God said that the name of our country Nigeria will reign again.

12. Oil will be discovered in this country where there was no oil before and also in another African country.

13. There will be dessert encroachment in the Northern part of Nigeria.

14. During the rainy season, a bridge will collapse and this will cause an accident that will swallow cars. This will happen in Nigeria and somewhere overseas.

15. The sun has descended. We will have more heat this year 2018 than ever before. But the heat will be the heat of blessing.

16. A convoy of a minister will have an accident.

17. Children of some governors and ministers will die this year 2018.

18. The death that will occur in the homes of some ministers, governors, presidents this year 2018 is because of what they have done to people.

19. Pray that president Buhari will not lose his only son. I see a danger, I see death. God have mercy. But if it is the will of God nobody can stop it.

20. I see the wife of the president in a coma.

21. Some ex-ministers in Nigeria will die this year 2018.

22. Some ex-governors will have stroke.

23. Many that cheated Nigeria will have themselves to blame.

They will not understand the kind of sickness that will come upon them.

24. There will be an earthquake in some parts of Japan.

25. Germany will have a landslide.

26. There will be a tsunami in some parts of Africa and overseas countries.

Nigeria should pray very well that it will not affect them because I see some parts of Nigeria having a quake under the ground. Both in the North and in the South.

27. Earthquake and flood will visit India this year and a lot of houses will be flushed.

28. Philistines, Arab countries and those of them in the middle East will join hands to fight Israel but they will all fail’

29. There will be an eclipse of the moon this year 2018.

30. One president in a particular part of the world who has been demonstrating power will fall sick and will not be able to get up again.

31. North Korea will have the worst problem ever this year 2018.

32. Egypt will have a lot of problems this year. Their government will be challenged from the East, West, North and South.

33. Let us pray that Pope will not be attacked.

34. Some people that were once in government in America; their children will die surprisingly. Some of their children will get lost surprisingly too.

35. Nigeria is a blessed country. Another mineral will be discovered in Nigeria, between North and South.

36. Nigeria will surprise the whole world in the 2018 world cup that will be played in Russia. If they heed the word of God, they will get to the final.

37. During the world cup, a player will collapse in the field and will be carried out on a stretcher.

38. Somebody will die in the camp of Queen Elizabeth.

39. Let us pray that Shagari will not die this year 2018.

40. May we pray that Arthur Nzeribe will have his life extended because I see death.

41. May we pray that God will stop the exposure that will cause a problem in the life of Obasanjo.

42. May God keep alive many of our ex-president, both military and civilian. I am seeing death.

43. There will be ethnic trouble in a place called Ubiaja in Delta state.

44. Many Igwes and chiefs will die in the Eastern part of the country.

45. Some of the old Obas and old chiefs will die this year 2018.

46. Some Emirs will die in the Northern part of Nigeria.

47. There will be plane crash both locally and internationally.

48. A high rise building will collapse in America, Japan, China and Port Nova.

49. There will be no fuel scarcity come December 2018. There shall be an abundant supply.

50. A train will have a head-on collision with another train in America, India, and Pakistan.

51. Many will be retired from the Nigerian Police, Nigerian Army and Nigeria Customs.

52. Many pipelines will be vandalised in the high sea and a vessel carrying oil will catch fire right on the high sea.

53. Congo Brazzaville and Congo Kinshasa will collide again this year.

54. The oil of a country called Sao Tome will be shifted to Nigeria this year 2018.

55. A private plane will crash on take off. It will happen both in Nigeria and overseas.

56. Many that own private jets will lose their jets this year 2018.

57. That man of God that has been deceiving a lot people will be exposed.

This will happen both within Nigeria and outside Nigeria.

58. There is a shrine in a place called Agege in Nsukka. People are trooping to that place but this year their secret will be exposed.

59. A bomb will explode in Gombe this year 2018.

60. There will be ethnic crises in a place called “Taake” in Kano state.

61. A building in a city close to Russia will collapse.

62. There will be a problem in Daura in the Northern region.

63. In Dubai, a very tall building will look as if it is shaking and the whole world will be startled.

64. South America will have quake that will trouble them this year.

65. There will be a problem underneath the ground in Magadascar in a village called Dundu. It will be a big shaking.

66. By the end of 2018, naira will appreciate against the dollar.

67. Sierra leone and Kenya will have serious problems that will take lives.

68. A megachurch will have a problem in Nigeria and also outside Nigeria.

69. Aliens will visit planet earth. They will be seen in America and China.

70. When another government takes over power in Nigeria fuel price will come down.

71. There will be crisis from the middle of this year 2018 till the end of the year.

72. Many politicians will die this year.

73. There will be several shipwrecks overseas on the high sea.

74. PDP should not go for a young man as their presidential candidate. It will be a mistake. They should go for the elderly.

75. Buhari is meant to rule for only one tenure.

PDP will give APC a big knock. It won’t be easy for Buhari to come back to power again.

APC wouldn’t want to leave power when they are defeated and this will cause a defacto change in government.



Apostle Suleman Drops 2018 Prophecies – Mentions Just About Everyone Including The Kardashians

Apostle Johnson Suleman, general overseer of Omega Fire MInistries.

Johnson Suleman, the founder and president of the Omega Fire Ministries (OFM) worldwide, has released 50 prophecies for the New Year, 2018.

The prophecies include a number of things that are already happening – FG after Governor Fayose, and most that you don’t need a prophet to know like Atiku being betrayed by some of his people, the death of a prominent political figure, the sack of the petroleum junior minister, and messages for world political leaders.

His message also includes a bizarre mention of the Kardashians.

1. Economy to get better in Nigeria in 2018

2. Year of serial bombings in Nigeria

3. Imo State Governor to make governorship a family affair

4. Donald Trumps health needs attention

5. New strategies for killing perceived political
enemies in Nigeria will arise

6. Wildfire outbreak in an American state

7. Manhunt for Ekiti state Governor by the Federal Government of Nigeria

8. Government of Nigeria to disobey court orders

9. God says ” Let Sambo Dasuki go”

10.President Buhari to be flown abroad on emergency

11. A former Nigerian military President laid to rest

12. Many bloggers to be arrested and jailed

13. Bola Tinubu to have public showdown with President Buhari

14. Robert Mugabe, former president of Zimbabwe, rest in peace

15. Political blackmail to be on the rise

16. I saw two great northern kings in open conflict

17. Church buildings collapse, tears, tears

18. EFCC boss to have major setback

19. Nollywood, new stars to take over

20. 2018 budget, Senate, and presidency lockjam

21. NAFDAC to pray against fire disaster

22. Senate President To Be harassed, embarrassed. Many publications and threatened arrest.

23. DSS boss, to attend to his health

24. Fresh charges against Abubakar Atiku and friends to be embarrassed

25. I saw major bombings in Egypt

26. Attempt on the life of Chief Femi Fani Kayode’s wife

27. South African Jacob Zuma to be humiliated

28. Atiku’s men will betray him

29. U.K bombings, biggest in history

30. Channels TV in court crisis

31. America, Canada, Asia, to experience hurricanes.

32. Ibe Kachikwu to be removed and replaced

33. NTA to pray against losing a top boss

34. Shoprite Lagos to beef up securities, I see a major raid.

35. I see Fulani herdsmen entering Lagos and Rivers State massively

36. Oh America, I see war in 2018

37. Let’s pray against train accident. I saw a train going out of the rail

38. I saw the naira gaining relevance

39. I see a new political party that will divide APC and PDP

40. 2019, power will not move from the North

41. I see serious politics against Osibanjo

42. Nigeria pray against air crash

43. I saw a young Nigerian musician experiencing major media attack sponsored by a fellow musician of the same genre

44. Kardashian family, topsy-they in 2018

45. I see some Nollywood stars permanently leaving Nigeria for better opportunities

46. 2018, the year of the Army. So much military presence and control

47. Good luck Jonathan should pray not to be bereaved

48. Nnamdi Kanu to be embarrassed both locally and internationally

49. God will give people good health and there will be cure to incurable diseases

50. I see a group rising in the North and asking for their own nation.


Ivanka Trump defends Obama’s daughter, Malia Obama’s smoking video

President Donald Trump’s daughter, Ivanka Trump, has taken to Twitter to defend former President Barack Obama’s daughter, Malia Obama, whose smoking video at her first Harvard games went viral.

Obama’s daughter, Malia seen smoking a cigarette and kissing mystery guy at first Harvard-Yale game

The eldest daughter of former US president Barack Obama, Malia, was spotted at her first Harvard-Yale football game last weekend smoking and kissing a mystery guy. Read TMZ’s report below.

Malia Obama’s gonna remember her first Harvard-Yale football game — and so is the guy she made out with during the tailgate party!
Barack and Michelle’s oldest was pregaming with friends Saturday outside the Yale Bowl in New Haven, CT, and wound up kissing a mystery guy who seemed to be pulling for Harvard, too … based on his crimson tee.
The makeout sesh is no big deal — just a freshman doing what freshmen do — but the fact Malia lit up a cigarette might not sit well with mom and pop. Remember, Michelle famously disapproved of Barack smoking.
We’ll say this though … Malia made out a lot better than her team. Harvard got crushed 24-3.


What’s the difference?

I couldn’t get my damn eyes off this picture because of the beauty of #Africa, anytime I scroll down 👇 my photos I must wait a little bit looking at this picture trying to figure many things out in between #Black and #White, black have been in #slavery for many years till date they’re still in slavery, blacks took #Passion in everything they do in life, #White will wait till blacks kill many before coming for rescuing, watch a movie called 

  • #Hotel_Rwanda,
  • #Some_Times_In_April,
  • #Roots, and
  • #Tears_Of_The_Sun

 which is the #BiafransExit, in the whole world whites are the world power but believe me one day world power will come to Africa just one day believe me, so black is not just a colour is an #Altitude and also an #Altimate for me, I still reason why people want to make sentence or a speech about this two colours the do start it this way “Black and White” why can’t they always use “White and Black” normally? 

for you to understand that that real race between black and white but for me I so much love but two colours because they all #Humans not animals, in all whites are so #Beautiful but blacks are #Pulchritude, white should please come and look into Africa mostly #Nigeria and #BiafraExit because many people are dying like seriously am telling you.. White don’t over look Africa in any way, I can remember one white lady called me a slave I was very angry that day but at the middle and the end of everything she apologized to me because the approach I gave her that day was amazingly great, so let see our self as one please because colour is what we bear on our skin but what we will be looking at is what we both have in mind so that we can help each other. Thanks Chosenone/Signalblog bring it to you… Love you all folks……. 

Meet the Man who has enough weapons to start a civil war called (Mel Bernstein) 

If Mel Bernstein were an African, he would have been a ‘war lord’.

The armoury of Mel is better than that of some 

In a place called El Paso County located in Colorado,  lies a massive 260 acre home turned military museum named ‘Dragonland’ by its owner.

Mel Bernstein is a 71-year man, originally from New York. He prefers to go by his nickname the Dragon Man, which was inspired by Harley Davidson.

His museum collection is estimated to be worth above $10 million, while his gun collection alone is estimated at $8 million.

This armoury is stored in different rooms, which are named after countries that have gone to war with the United States. These wars span between World War I and Afghanistan. The size of the room is 65,000 square feet.

One of many rooms in his museum with such heavy stock of weapons.  (Daily Mail)

Mel also has a reimagined World War II bunker with its complete bullet-riddled pots and pans. This machine of war has its uniformed mannequins stationed at anti-aircraft bazookas.

Among other collections in his museum include machine guns, military vehicles, landmines, military swords, grenades and countless other unused war memorabilia. These are all housed in 86 show cabinets and a tour of the museum would take 3-4 hours to be able to see everything.

Amazingly, everything works and nothing is fake. Since it’s a private collection and not a government museum everything can work.

A memorial World War II bunker tank.  (Daily Mail)

Some of the weapons in ‘Dragonland Museum’.  (Letters of Thought)
Mel Bernstein is a gun lover.  (Letters of Thought)

Surely Nigerians would have loved to be this man.  (Letters of Thought)

These firearms make him feel so comfortable that his bedroom isn’t spared from being decorated with hundreds of guns hung up on the walls. This is to portray his obsession with weaponry.

Mel has earned himself a reputation with a whopping 37,000 followers on Facebook. More so, this place is visited by hundreds of weekend visitors who come to shoot firearms at his range or to visit his military museum.


​Pitt wins Angelina Jolie in divorce case

An investigation into whether Brad Pitt was abusive toward his son on a private flight in September says the case has been closed with no finding of abuse by the actor, a source familiar with the inquiry said Wednesday.

The source, who was not authorised to speak publicly, told The Associated Press that the investigation was closed within the past few days.

Source: Vanguard

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