​Trump: Protests in US cities, 5 shot

Republican Donald Trump’s surprise U.S. presidential election win, sparked spontaneous protests across many cities on Wednesday, with marchers blasting his stance on immigrants, Muslims and other groups.

In New York, thousands of protesters filled streets in midtown Manhattan as they made their way to Trump Tower, Trump’s gilded home on Fifth Avenue. Hundreds of others gathered at a Manhattan park and shouted “Not my president.”

Source: Vanguard

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​Blasphemy: Muslim group condemns killings in ZamfaraZamfara State Nigeria

KADUNA—THE Jama’atu Nasril Islam, JNI, has condemned the killing of eight people at Abdu Gusau Polytechnic, Talata Mafara, Zamfara State, over alleged blasphemy.

The Muslim body, while commiserating with families of the victims, said the behaviour of some miscreants should not be misconstrued as Islamic teachings.

This was contained in a statement by JNI Secretary General, Dr. Khalid Abubakar Aliyu, in Kaduna yesterday.

It said the alleged blasphemy had become tediously monotonous and remains condemned in the strongest terms, adding “the unfortunate attacks that ensued thereafter are criminal and also stand condemned.

“We reiterate that human lives are sacred and therefore must be dignified. That has been the position of Islam.

“The Sultan of Sokoto and JNI President-General call on all and sundry to remain calm and avoid all actions that could jeopardise peaceful co-existence, especially at this trying time of nation building.”

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  4. Source: Vanguard

​The Niger Delta Crusaders, Muslim pilgrims and the United States of Nigeria (Part 1)

“If Boko Haram kills Christians and burns down churches, we will slay Muslims and raze down mosques. We want to warn them that we, the Niger Delta youths, in this 21st century will not accept the killing of innocent Christians or the burning of churches. That if they try it in the north or any part of Nigeria, we the Niger Delta youths will not see any Muslim or mosque in the Niger Delta”- NIGER DELTA REVOLUTIONARY CRUSADERS, VANGUARD NEWSPAPER, 5th AUGUST, 2016.

It is no longer news that the new leader of Boko Haram, Mr. Abu Musa Al Barnawi, who apparently has the backing of ISIS, has said that he will target only Christians and burn down all the Churches in the country.

He has also said that Muslims and mosques will no longer be targeted and that Mr. Abubakar Shekau, the erstwhile leader and principal voice of the terror group is no longer the leader.

Mr. Shekau has responded by saying that he will continue to slaughter whoever he pleases to kill and boasts that he remains the authentic leader of the deadly group. There appears to be a very serious rift in the ranks of Boko Haram which is good news.

As far as I am concerned the two factions can do us all a favour by destroying one another and burning in hell.

Anyone that targets Christians and Churches, or indeed any innocent civilians for slaughter, is not worthy of life. They are nothing but vermin and, like the cockroaches that they are, they must be crushed.

Mr. Shekau is evil but Mr. Al Barnawi is even worse: he is the devil incarnate. He represents ISIS and we all know what that means.

Whichever way we look at it and whatever is going on within the ranks of Boko Haram we must not lose sight of the bigger picture. And that bigger picture points to one thing: Nigeria is in a mess.

Apar from the poverty and hardship that has afflicted the land coupled with the total destruction of the economy and quite apart from the shattering of people’s dreams and the drastic reduction in their standard of living by the ineffectual and barren fiscal and economic policies of an inept and incompetent government, our President did not stop there.

He also went as far as appointing Solomon Dalung as his Minister of Sports.

This is a man that can barely speak English and who, during the week of the Olympics, publicly referred to our country as “the United States of Nigeria” whilst reprimanding our Olympic football team for getting stuck in America and arriving late in Brazil.

Someone should tell Honorable Minister Solomon Dalung that it was HIS job to get our boys to Rio De Janeiro on time and that it was something of a scandal and a national embarrasment that it took the last minute intervention and assistance of Delta Air, a private American airline, to get them there in time for their match with Japan.

Whilst our boys did us proud by going on to defeat Japan and later Sweden, the video of the Minister disparaging them and spouting nonsense about some fictitious and imaginary country called ‘the United States of Nigeria’ whilst wearing his ridiculous red beret went viral on the internet.

In normal climes the Minister would have been forced to resign the following day and he would have been compelled to apologise to the nation that he is purportedly serving for forgetting its name. Sadly though, there is nothing that is “normal” about Nigeria or the Buhari administration.

Equally abysmal was the recent outing of Raji Fashola, President Buhari’s “Super-Minister” of Power, Works and Housing, on BBC TV’s Hardtalk.

Before millions of viewers from all over the world, the Minister told his host Mr. Stephen Sackhur that he never promised Nigerians an increase in power generation and supply.

It is his inability to be forthright, to appreciate the virtues of telling the truth and to keep his election promises that has earned my younger brother (aburo), Tunde Fashola, to be nicknamed as the Minister of Darkness.

Since he was appointed ‘super Minister’ the power generation in our country has dropped from 5000 megawatts at the time when President Jonathan left office just over a year ago to under 2000 megawatts today. Worse still, he has not managed to construct or complete the refurbishment of a single road.

Yet it is not the crippled economy, the erring and dim-witted Minister of Sports, the lying Minister of Power, Works and Housing or any of the other numerous foibles of the Buhari administration that gives us the most concern today.

It is rather the gradual and systematic generation and invocation of a frightful and cataclysmic atmosphere of war and the looming threat and increasing likelihood of a great and violent ethnic and religious conflict, the likes of which Africa has never seen before.

If it is not Boko Haram that is slaughtering our people it is the Fulani herdsmen. Worse still, they are doing these despicable things with the active connivance and support of a few people that are in the corridors of power today whose objective is to islamise our nation, plunge us into a fiery abyss and create chaos.

The Bible says ‘there is no fellowship between light and darkness’. We have said it before and we will say it again: we must restructure Nigeria before it is too late. If we fail to do so we will have no choice but to reconsider our so-called unity.

If things don’t change quickly we must consider the possibility of dividing our country and renegotiating our union.

We cannot afford to wait any longer because we are playing with fire and we are sitting on a keg of gunpowder. We must attempt to do whatever needs to be done peacefully and we must not allow the butchers and those that kill in the name of their god to provoke us into another civil war.

Nothing represents the danger of the war that is looming more than the response of the Niger Delta Revolutionary Crusaders (an affiliate of the Niger Delta Avengers) to Al Barnawi’s threat.

They responded by saying that if Christians and Churches are targeted by Boko Haram they will kill all the Muslims in the Niger Delta area and they will burn down all the mosques. It is a simple case of “action” and “reaction” and I sincerely hope that those that are used to killing others and not being killed themselves take them seriously.

Clearly we are living in dangerous times and I sincerely hope that those that brought religion into our politics in 2015 and that used Islam and the Boko Haram offensive as a political tool against a southern Christian President are seeing the fruits of their labour.

When you invoke the proverbial genie and let it out of the kettle you must be prepared to live with the consequences and whatever follows.

Yet the folly does not stop there. As if our sensibilities were not already sufficiently provoked President Buhari took the religious dance to yet another level last week by directing the Central Bank of Nigeria to sell foreign exchange to Muslim pilgrims that were on their way to Saudi Arabia for hajj at 197 naira to 1 USD.

This whilst everyone else, including students, manufacturers, businessmen, Christian pilgrims, the ailing and holiday-makers, must continue to buy at 400 naira to 1 USD. When the math is done this amounts to a whooping N7.9 billion naira concession for Muslim pilgrims.

And all this in a country that is not only impoverished and whose people are suffering from the worst economic hardship and poverty crunch since independence but also one that is meant to be a secular state.

Such is the national outrage that President Buhari’s forex concession to his Muslim brothers and sisters has provoked that a well-known political commentator and activist Mr. Paul Achalla wrote the following on his Facebook wall on August 5th:

“N410 to $1 for business, education, entrepreneurship, food processing, manufacturing, etc. and N197 to $1 for pilgrims going to Saudi Arabia? Bluntly put, Boko Haram ideology won Nigeria’s 2015 general election!!!”

Paul Achalla is right. How can this sort of nonsense be justified in a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, multi-religious secular state? Is Buhari’s Nigeria crafted only for the Muslim north? Is Saudi Arabia now the spiritual headquarters of our nation?

If it is not the Sultan of Sokoto declaring public holidays, it is the President giving subsidised rates of foreign exchange and preferential treatment to members of his own religious faith.

If it is not that he is leading our country into a sinister and dangerous military coalition of Sunni Muslim nations it is that he is holding conferences in Abuja with foreign Muslim clerics whose stated objective is to “spread sharia throughout Nigeria” and islamise our country.

Worse still virtually all his Service Chiefs and principal commanders in his Armed Forces together with his National Security Advisor, his Minister of Defence, his Minister of Internal Affairs, his Inspector General of Police, his Chief of Defence Intelligence, his Director General of State Security, his Chairman of Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, his Commander of the National Civil Defence Corps, his Comptroller General of Customs, his Comptroller General of Immigration, his Comptroller General of Prisons and ALL his other security, para-security and intelligence agencies, bar one, are northern Muslims.

Can there be any greater form of corruption, abuse of power, injustice and betrayal of trust than this? Does this not prove the fact that our country is in dire need of restructuring? (TO BE CONTNUED).

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  3. Source: Vanguard

​In Niger, Muslim youths attack Catholic Church

A group of Muslim youths have attacked a Catholic Church around the Zuma Rock area of Niger state on Friday, July 15, 2016.

Members of St. Philip’s Catholic Parish, Baki Iku, went to pray in the Church and the angry Muslims came to disrupt their prayers saying they were not supposed to pray on Friday.

They said Friday is their day of prayer, adding that Christians should stick to praying on Sunday alone.

The youths allegedly destroyed properties and furniture in the Church before some soldiers came to the rescue of the Church members.

Vanguard reports that the Vicar-General of the Diocese, Rev. Fr. Luka Sylvester Gopep, said “Sometime around 2pm, some Muslim youths in their hundreds left their mosque after their Friday Jumat prayer and rushed to the church premises, climbed the wall and destroyed everything in the church: the windows, the altar, musical instruments, the chapel.

“The security man in the church premises was beaten to pulp.

“Some women who were holding a prayer meeting were chased away. “The seminarian who is resident in the premises was also beaten up and chased away.”

Francis Emmanuel, a 41-year-old carpenter, was stabbed by a group of Muslim youths in Kaduna state » for eating during the Ramadan fast.

​Saad Abubakar III, Sultan declares Wednesday as Eid-el-Fitr

The Sultan of Sokoto, Alhaji Saad Abubakar III on Monday directed Muslims to fast on Tuesday and declared that Eid el-fitr would be observed on Wednesday.

This is contained in a statement signed by Prof. Sambo Wali , the Chairman,Religious Affairs Committee, Sultanate Council and made available to newsmen in Sokoto.

”Sequel to this development, the sultan has approved the reports of the non sighting of the moon and duly declared that the moon of Ramadan has completed its 30 -day circle.

” Consequently, Wednesday, July 6 is the first day of Shawwal,1437 AH, and Eid-el-Fitr day,” it read,

The statement said that the directive followed the non receipt of any report of the sighting of the new moon of the month of Shawwal from the leaders of religious groups as well as the state and national moon sighting committees.

​Clash of the Titans, Muslim organisation accuses CAN of threatening the rule of law

MURIC criticized law makers and the British colonial masters, who they claimed had committed an injustice against them.

The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), has been accused by the Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC), Osun State Chapter, of threatening the rule of law.

MURIC stated that its opposite religious group was guilty of going against a court ruling which allowed female Muslim students to wear hijab in schools.

The organisation revealed this in a statement which also criticised Nobel Laureate, Professor Wole Soyinka, for his involvement in the matter.

“In an article titled ‘To Everything, Its Place’, the much respected Nobel Laureate descended heavily on Muslims for daring to seek approval for the use of hijab,” the group said in a statement signed by Ishaq Akintola, director of MURIC.

“The Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) is fully aware of Soyinka’s great contribution to the attainment of democratic rule which we are all enjoying in Nigeria today. We also acknowledge his role in the uplifting of Nigeria’s image particularly in the circle of intellectuals worldwide.”

“Nonetheless, we are amused that our intellectual guru deployed all the Weapons of Faith Destruction (WFD) in his arsenal to his Islam-bashing combat field but saw nothing wrong with the way leaders of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) Osun chapter incited Christian students in their rejection of the court judgement which was favourable to the Muslims.”

“Nothing was said about CAN’s gross disrespect for the rule of law. Could he have forgotten that CAN’s attitude constitutes serious threat to democracy and the rule of law which Soyinka himself fought hard to enthrone?”

“Professor Soyinka contended that the issue of hijab was never raised “for several decades” after independence and assumed that the Christian uniform is the conventional or, in his own words ‘common dress code’. We beg to disagree sir. We assert that the revered Nobel Laureate is not only taking too much for granted but also taking liberty for license.”

“MURIC affirms that Professor Soyinka still needs to do his homework very well before going to press. Contrary to his claim that hijab was not mentioned for decades, Muslims in Yorubaland have been agitating for civil rights right from independence and the files of governments at both federal and state levels are full of petitions forwarded on issues of the Allah-given fundamental rights of Muslims.”

“Those petitions were repeatedly submitted on a regular basis by Muslim communities and Islamic organisations. Of course, Soyinka is not expected to know this but it goes to show the limitations of human knowledge even among nobel laureates.”

MURIC further stated that the Muslim society has suffered great injustice in the hands of law makers and the British colonialists, who allegedly committed injustice against Nigerian Muslims.

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  • Source: Pulse

Father writes letter, says his 13yr old daughter was abducted and turned to a Muslim in Bauchi (photos)



Read the letter sent to LIB below…
My name is Elder Bawa Buba, an ordained Elder of Seventh-day Adventist Church Miya, in Ganjuwa LGA of Bauchi state. I write to petition to you over the abduction and islamization of my 13 year old daughter Alheri Bawa by her uncle Mal Dauda Buba without my consent and approval.
On the 13th April 2016, my daughter left Miya town to visit her uncles in our family compound in Siri Village. She later followed one of her uncle’s children to spend the weekend in Bauchi city…


I thought she was in the village but after three days I sent for her to come back home but was told she has followed her uncle’s children to Bauchi.
I made a called to Dauda Buba, who is a son to my Elder brother, to whom my daughter has gone to visit to enquire whether my daughter was with him as reported. To my surprise he confirmed the information and told me that he has also islamized her and that I should forget about seeing her any time soon. I was shocked and thought it was a joke. I asked him why he didn’t discuss it with me and my daughter has never mentioned such an intention. He told me that I should just understand and allow my daughter remain with him.
This is a big issue because when Christianity and Islam came to our village, I accepted Christianity while other of my brothers accepted Islam. Few are still practicing traditional religion. I was seen as an outcast in the family till date. I believe he did something to my daughter and she’s not in her right sense right now.


My story continues. I went to the village and reported the issue to my brothers who were not pleased with Dauda did. They all expressed displeasure over the issue and call upon Dauda to return my daughter to me but he told them he won’t and that Bauchi state Sharia Commission and other big names are aware of the girl’s change of faith and since I’m doing nothing at the moment I cannot drag with me. My family members were helpless and advice me to take the case to Hakimin Miya, Alhaji Sulaiman Yakubu.
I reported to Hakimin Miya who went to Bauchi and asked him to return my daughter. He told Hakimi he will but did not after 3 days Hakimi sent his dogari to Bauchi but he could not. Hakimi now told me to take the case further.
I reported to Gajuwa Police Division, the DPO Mr Tambuwal, told me that it’s not in his jurisdiction that I should report to GRA Bauchi Division. I have no resources at all for these. I asked my Church pastor for help since the issue have gone beyond family. One of my brother gave me the address of Mal Dauda Buba, the abductor my daughter, who work as a security man in GRA, after Nehima Clinic, Behind Govt House Bauchi. I went to the house and I was lucky to meet him at the gate. With my Church pastor and a deacon in Church,
we greeted with him. I then asked why he love to bring problem to my family. I told him the pain and trauma he has brought to my family just because he feel I’m poor and will have no one to stand for me while he will use my daughter’s conversion for personal gain among the Muslim elites in the state, especially the state Sharia Commission which he is boasting of in the phone with me.
To my surprise he told me that the issue is no longer family but religious so I should put family aside and accept that fact or I should go to Sharia Commission who are the only ones with power to release my daughter from him.
As we were talking my daughter came out excited to seeing me and wanted to follow me home, I held her hands and asked her to enter the pastor’s car so that we’ll go home. As she was going, Mal Dauda Buba rushed and held unto her hijab and told her that she is irresponsible and she will not follow me unless the sharia commission are here since they are aware of her decision. My daughter shouted “Na FASA, na FASA” that’s “I’m not longer interested”. At this points we started dragging with him over my daughter. Within seconds the place was filled with hoodlums who wanted to turn the issue into a religious crisis. They threatened to burn my pastor’s car. They place became and the tension was high. Mal Dauda was shouting, “this religious issue, not family”, ” He brought his church people”.
At this point some Muslim leaders in the area came and expressed their disapproval towards Mal Dauda’s action as unIslamic but he insisted that he will not let her go. They now told my pastor to see how he will get me out of the place because I was no longer in my right mind because of the pains and trauma I have been through and my daughter’s willingness to follow me. I was ready to die with my daughter in my hand.
The hoodlums were increasing in number and the Muslim elders begged my pastor to take me away and that I should not worry, the police will return my daughter to me because mal Dauda’s action and the boys around is not Islam.
My pastor now dragged me by force into the car And drove away from the scene.
Later on we went to GRA Division Police station and laid our complaints. The police were quick in action at the beginning. They attached a policeman to us who later arrested the man and brought him to the station.
The man was asked to sit behind the counter to explain his side. The man then made a call to the Sharia Commission. They requested to speak with the police. After speaking with the police, the man was ask to come to the front of counter by Inspector Abdulraman Dass who was in charge. The man now begin to speak boldly. We were just watching with surprise.
The station DCO ASP Joseph came out immediately and ask me to go to court and request for the custody of my daughter. That it’s a civil case. My 13 year daughter is abducted, Islamized and forced to stay with a criminal and the police called it a civil case. We were ask by the DCO to hire a lawyer and go to court over my daughter.
Were is the money to file a case? Which court should I go to? Sharia Court? I’m in trauma and pain. All I want is the custody of my daughter Alheri Grace Bawa. Pls sir, use your office to return my daughter back to me. I’m home in the village back to my wife and remaining 5 children as we weep and wait for justice for me and my family.
– Eld Bawa Buba, Miya, Bauchi state.
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